About us

Naturally Sweet consists of two people, Jo and Eleanor, who are passionate about food and the social experiences that surround it...

"We want to show that eating in a healthy way does not have to involve restriction, but to enjoy more of the food that will energise the body and mind.

Our ethos surrounds the idea that food such as fruit and vegetables should be celebrated for their natural flavours, sweetness and colours. 

Our overarching aim is to show that vegetarian food is not just for vegetarians- but can be delicious and satisfying."

Customer Feedback:


"Thank you To Naturally Sweet Oxford for our lunch delivery today! It was so yummy! 👌🏻 every one must try! Xxx"


"It was lovely meeting the two ladies at the East Oxford Farmers' Market this morning - your raw brownies are stunning!"


"Just had a really tasty lunch delivery from naturally sweet Oxford!!! So fresh, lovely flavours and tummy is full! Highly recommended!"